Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Popular Dumb Promotional Toys Distribution Mistakes

Are you planning to give away customizable toys in your next promotion? Here are the normal customized toys distribution mistakes you must know and utterly avoid:
First, a myriad of people often miss researching first about their target clients before giving the promo toys to them. As a result, they were not able to give away the appropriate custom toys to their target audience. Say, it is not really a able give customizable teddy bears to corporate bosses and employees for it would be mushy and impractical. A able promotional toy that they will absolutely love is something that will take away their stress or distract them away from it, such as a personalized game or custom stress ball.
Second, another normal mistake is not planning a special event where these particular promo gifts will be given. This primarily results in non-relevance of the custom toys and hence lesser impact on the consumers. An event or a holiday gives greater importance to the customizable rewards that we give. Hence, we must take time and effort to think of a themed event that will make our personalized goodies giving extra special. A corporate party is a appropriate place to give away business corporate rewards like these. In particular, make your theme "bringing back the child in us" or anything that would let your clients "escape from stress." The able thing about logo imprinted toys is the fact that they relieve us from stress and loosen us up from the daily grinds of work. It is hence wise to invest on this reality to be able to attract a myriad of clients towards our brand.
And lastly, a myriad of companies forget to wrap customizable gifts simply because they think that it is just a waste of time and money. But, these people forget that image is primarily everything in marketing and hence packaging should not be neglected. In a corporate gift, the first impression will be extensively drawn from the packaging of the customizable gift. Hence, any company that is planning to give away promotional gifts in their next promotion should always consider wrapping it up in a great wrapper.
The only thing you have to keep in mind so you can avoid committing the dumb imprinted toys distribution ideas mentioned above is: give what your clients want and project a good image of your company.